Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Non-toy Gifts for Children

In her post introducing the Gift Idea Exchange, Gette mentioned "Several years ago, as we were trying to fight the battle of clutter, I asked the folks to think about alternative presents for the kids: ie, things that don't wind up on the floor for Mom to step on." She gives a couple of great ideas. If you are buying for kids, or want some suggestions of things that you could put on your children's wish lists, check out Non-Toy Gifts for Children, and leave your own ideas in the comments too. Here's mine:

I've been wanting to share this idea for a while, and it definitely fits as a non-clutter producing gift. In fact, I've given things from this company for Christmas and birthday gifts, and they make excellent baby gifts as well. I will admit to my bias upfront, since I am an agent for this company. Please email me if I can answer any questions about the products. Shameless plug: I would love for you to use me as your agent if you do decide to buy (just select Jennifer Donovan from the dropdown box when placing your order). Stuck on You
produces a range of vinyl stick-on or fabric iron-on personalized labels that stay put in the dishwasher, microwave or washing machine. The labels on Kyle's sippy cups have been there for over a year, and they are still on and readable. Additionally, the picture icons are great for prereaders who can identify "I am the ladybug," even if they can't read their name. The shaped labels and the sticky dot labels are original ways to make sure that you keep track of your stuff. Kids love their names on things and they love stickers, and labeled property is more likely to stay with you, so it's a great practical gift.

My favorite gift idea are the personalized notepads. Choose from 16 brilliant and colorful designs, whether you're into fairies, rockets, surfing or butterflies - there's something for everyone.

Since the items are personalized and manufactured overseas, you need to order 3 weeks before you need them to ensure on time delivery (although the East coast delivery time is often shorter than that).

This company has a presence in many countries, and is actually based in New Zealand. If you are from Canada, or elsewhere, see if your country is listed, and order through that link.

Check out more gift categories HERE.

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Katrina said...

I can attest to the usefulness and value of these products. They are perfect for labeling school supplies, make great gifts, and can even be handy for adults ( in labeling my huge supply of books?). I really like the Stuck on You products that we've tried.

Lines From The Vine said...

These are really cute! I've never seen them before...thanks for sharing!


Pieces said...

Those look really neat. I'll have to think about who I can get them for.

Magi said...

Very cute. I'll have to look into these.

Amy said...

These are so cute, Jennifer! What a great idea! I am bookmarking this in my holiday folder!

We are finally up and rolling at my blog- late start today :)

org junkie said...

Jennifer you know that I love labels!! I have bookmarked the site to get a closer look. Right up my alley...thanks!

Beck said...

I like those ideas a LOT. My kids have more than enough toys, and are always losing things at school... hmm.

Pass The Torch said...

YES!!! These are excellent ideas! I can't tell you how irritated I get with the commercial/materialistic/cluttered nature of gift giving. These are excellent ways to cut through some of that.

Thank you!