Thursday, October 19, 2006

Homemade Gift Ideas

GiBee at Kisses of Sunshine is hosting Homemade with Love on October 23. On that day, she will have a Mr. Linky for you to post ideas, including recipes and instructions, for all of those homemade gift ideas that we can use to bless our neighbors, friends, bus drivers and more. So, this is to give you some notice to come up with your own great ideas and link up on Monday. I will use her page with all of the links as the link for Homemade Gift Ideas on my Gift Idea Exchange main page. So, check out her link for all the information, and as a bonus, many ideas for celebrating Christmas in your home as well! And come back after October 23rd to check out all of the other great ideas submitted from readers like you.

Thanks to those of you who have posted or linked to the Gift Idea Exchange. I have updated the page with some new categories, submitted by others, so check it out, and even more importantly, dig down deep in your brain and share! Is anyone a treasure trove of ideas for men? Am I wrong, or are they the hardest to buy for?? I mean, I do okay with my own husband, but what about those brothers in law (actually, my own brothers in law are fairly easy, too), and fathers and grandfathers? If any of you have just one or two great ideas, start a post on your site, let me know, and I will use that post as the main link and maybe some ideas will trickle in. . . .


Lindsey @ enjoythejourney said...

Jennifer, I'll post this on my own blog when I get home but a great idea for grandpa's and uncles, especially if they like to garden, is homemade stepping stones.

They are not hard or expensive to make. You just buy some quik-rete easy concrete mortar mix, mix it up, and pour it into a dog bowl. (pre grease with vasoline). Let it harden for about 30 mins to an hour, then add jewels, polished rocks, seashells, tile pieces, whatever...or do your handprints/footprints and write on them.

Let dry and harden for about 3 days to a week.

They easily slide out of the doggie dish when done b/c of the vaseline.

These make great gifts but for some reason, grandpa's really like them!!!!

Barb said...

Actually, shopping for the men in my family is easy. Gift certificates to the local sportman's warehouse is what they know they'll get. They're never real surprised but I suspect they plot and plan all year long for what they plan to get with that gift certificate. :-) I have to admit, if I hadn't come up with this idea, I'd be clueless.

e-Mom said...

Good question about what to buy for men! My husband likes tickets for two to a show, stamps (for his business mailings), and homemade oatmeal cookies or pumpkin pie. In reality, he likes to do the giving, and he doesn't need to do much very receiving. I think most men are like that. :~)