Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Morning so Far

Before I even woke up:
I heard the crutches thumping around to my side of the bed. Since Tuesday, Terry has been back to work full-time (less than a week after surgery). Today that meant leaving at 6:00 am. Every morning, he comes and kisses me goodbye while I'm still sleeping. So, even though it required extra effort, he came and kissed me.

Just as I was getting up, at 6:25 am:
I heard Amanda in the bathroom. She is not supposed to be awake, and usually sleeps until at least 7:30. I told her to go back to sleep. She insisted that she couldn't. I told her to lay there with her eyes closed, and she said that they keep popping open. I know what the "problem" is. She's excited that her best friend is coming over today for a playdate.

As I was getting dressed:
I was excited to be participating in my first Thursday Thirteen, and linking around to some others. A quiet voice reminded me, "First things, first." So, instead of logging right in and posting, I did spend my time with God.

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Katrina said...

Good for you for putting God first! Sweet of Terry to make sure you got your goodbye kiss. Chad gives me a kiss goodbye when I'm sleeping (or usually half-awake), too.