Friday, June 02, 2006

Hearing from God

Eight years ago, we moved to Portland, Oregon from Houston, Texas. We had never even been to Portland when we flew up to check it out and to begin looking at the housing market. We had three or four days to buy a house in a city we knew nothing about. We had a wonderful realtor, who knew the whole city, traffic patterns, and the market. We also brought my dad and his girlfriend along for advice. We looked at homes in different price ranges, and many different areas of town. Of course we were seeking God's guidance, but when it came down to it, we weighed the pros and cons of each home, the neighborhoods, and the price we could pay. We settled on one, and our offer was accepted. We liked the home, Terry had an easy commute to work, and the really big "God thing" is that there were several Christian families on the street. The Pacific Northwest is not exactly the Bible belt. I made several close friendships right on my block.

Our move back to Houston three years later was a bit easier. We did consider a few different areas and neighborhoods, but because of some other factors, we ended up having a fairly narrow search. We loved our home, the neighborhood and the location.

Two years ago, we moved to Connecticut. We knew very little about Connecticut. We had two visits and a total of about five days to find a home this time. I was just talking with my friend who is here visiting about how much we love our house, the town we ended up in, the schools and everything. When I look at the other two homes that we were really considering, we are quite glad for many reasons that this is the house we chose. It's obvious that the Lord's hand guided our decision.

But how did He guide us? Was our search narrowed to one home, due to sellers' demands or price or lack of inventory? Was there one home that had every single thing that we wanted and others which would have been a distant second? No. We sought the Lord. We used the expertise and knowledge of those around us. We made lists with pros and cons. In the end, we went with gut instinct. But even after looking back with more knowledge of our surroundings, or with the benefits of neighbors who became friends, there was no place we would have rather been. Did we get lucky? No. We sought the Lord, and He guided us in ways that we can't describe and will never fully understand, but for that, we thank Him.


Dianne said...

It's neat that we can be confident in seeing God's hand at work in our lives. Often we don't realize it until after the fact, when we step back and look at the completed picture. But it's a beautiful thing - hearing from God and seeing Him at work in our lives. Great post . . .

Jeannine said...

And then there's us . . .we bought our house at an auction and I decided I wanted the house three minutes after we arrived and about ten minutes before it went up for auction. :-0

It was definitely a gift from God and we got it at a good price, and our neighbors are all wonderful. We've been here for seven years and have no regrets.