Monday, May 22, 2006

Why Blog?

My husband has asked me why I keep this blog. Good question. I've had to think about that.

I have to admit that when I had started my first blog, I had started it both as an exercise in writing, and also with the hope that it would somehow make a difference to someone, or lead to me getting published by someone who knew that what I had to say needed to published in book form. That blog ended up pretty much unread, I think, and with all of two entries, I believe. It never felt right, so I stopped writing.

I recently felt the desire to give it another try, and this is the result. I'm much happier with it, because I'm writing for different reasons.

I write in order to practice and perfect the craft of writing. Along those lines, I write to try to develop the habit of the discipline that writing demands.

I write as an outlet to all the thoughts in my head and heart (which is why my entries are turning out much more sentimental than I think I am in real life). And along those lines, I write to try to break down that wall of protection about my personal thoughts. An undercurrent of thinking about who might read what I've written, and what they will think (about me) when they read it is the mortar holding that wall together. So, I try to write now in semi-anonymity as I gain my sea legs, and open up this blog to more and more people as I forget about me and try to think about "it"--the writing itself.

In thinking about why I read blogs (and thus why people might be reading mine), there is an element of community that exists that has surprised me. Contributing to that community would be another reason that I keep writing.

And back to my title entry, I write as a way to journal--recording the present and the history and the future of myself and my family--Snapshots of our life.

Why do you blog?


Jeannine said...

I think mainly for the sense of community. Also, my children do so many crazy things and when I tell my friends they always say, "You should really write that down." :-)

Dianne said...

Sometimes I find myself asking this same question. For me, it's the accountability. If I'm going to have a blog, I must keep it updated or down it comes. And if I'm going to post something, I need to make sure my words are honorable, that no one is put down through my writing, and that the words I string together have a fair sense of grammatical correctness about them. That said, I do enjoy the sense of community as well. Maybe it should be said that "no blog is an island!"

Katrina said...

Good question. Primarily, I blog for writing practice and to work out the thoughts swirling around in my head. But I've realized lately that community plays a bigger role than I would have thought. I know there are a few people who check my blog and that knowledge spurs me on to keep posting (whereas past blogs of mine died from neglect). I enjoy seeing their comments, posting comments on their blogs and occasionally coming across a new blog to add to my list. So community is definitely a factor for this introvert.